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GC EXPERIENCE™ Ceramic Braces

EXPERIENCE™ Ceramic is the new generation in self-ligating fixed appliances.

In order to make your orthodontic treatment as aesthetic as possible, Dr. Farnia may suggest EXPERIENCE Ceramic self-ligating brackets. These translucent brackets are close to invisible and the metal clip is whitened to give your entire appliance a tooth-like color.

How do self-ligating braces work?

  1. The brackets are bonded to the teeth, acting as a guide to achieve ideal teeth alignment at the end of treatment.
  2. The archwire is inserted into the bracket, gently moving the teeth until they reach their predicted position. To facilitate movement, Dr. Farina will replace the archwire several times over the course of treatment.
  3. A clip is exclusively used in self-ligating brackets. It holds the archwire in place in the bracket’s slot.

Why choose EXPERIENCE Ceramic?

  • Aesthetics: Changing from elastic ties to a rhodium-coated metal clip keeps the appliance discreet and clean, even when appointments are less frequent.
  • Comfort: Self-ligating technology offers Dr. Farina the ability to use lighter forces, for the same results.
  • Convenience: Appointments are generally less frequent, without extending treatment duration. This means fewer trips to our office and more time to do all the things that make you smile!
  • Hygiene: The absence of any elastomeric ligature around the bracket decreases the bacterial count around the appliance. This reduces the risk of gingivitis and calcification.